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GURDEV ICECANS REFRIGERATION INDUSTRIES was started in 1982 by qualified dedicated and experienced person. We have 40 years experienced in refrigeration plants and systems.
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  • Tube Ice Plant / Tube Ice Machine Open or Close

    Tube Ice Plant / Tube Ice MachineOur Tube Ice Machines are designed to satisfy the varying needs of different industries and customers. Capacity varies from 1300 kg. to 40,000 kg. of tube ice per day.
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  • Brine AgitatorsOpen or Close

    Brine AgitatorsOpen or CloseMONO BLOCK / COUPLED BRINE AGITATOR - Made up of heavy duty M.S. Pipe in which a 1 (38 mm.) shaft is fitted with gunmetal bush at both ends or taper rolling / ball bearing as required by the customer.
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  • Shell And Tube CondensersOpen or Close

    Shell And Tube CondensersOpen or CloseThis test method describes a procedure for measuring the minimum concentration of oxygen in a flowing mixture of oxygen and nitrogen that will just support flaming combustion. Test applicable for wide range of materials such as Polymers, Cables, Textiles, Rubber etc.
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